Top Ten Phone Apps

Okay so all of us millennials love phone apps, duh. There are so many ones that we all use including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Venmo, Snapchat, etc. However, I wanted to make a top list of phone apps that are a little more unconventional – maybe something you would never think of, but is radically helpful. So, below you won’t find an Instagram or Facebook phone app, but some different and unheard of ones that might just change your life :).



My absolute favorite app to edit and store photos. I post on Instagram and Facebook daily, so this is the perfect app for me to get edits that I love on the go.


Need to know when is the best/cheapest time to buy flights? Hopper does all of the scanning for you. It’s my favorite because it sends you push notifications for when you should book. You can also monitor and track multiple trips which is valuable for those of us who find themselves hopping on planes lots.


I LOVE Timehop because it’s like a little time capsule. You can sync up multiple things on this app that will show you what you were doing on your current day for years past! I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my photos app all incorporated. There are so many memories that come up that I have totally forgotten about, and that is my favorite part.


I am a HUGE budget-er (down to the penny). Last year, I took Financial Peace University and it literally changed my life. I’m not kidding. If you haven’t taken this class, you absolutely need to. Anyway, after that class I realized the value and necessity for budgeting, so Mint is my best friend for budgets on the go. I check this thing daily!


Okay, I just recently started using this app, but I fell in love with it immediately. So much so that I have been telling everyone that they need to get it! Think Instagram meets Yelp, and you have Hype. It’s local suggestions from influencers and people you follow on where to get the best coffee, food, etc. I have really enjoyed the experience so far! If you do happen to download and use, you can follow me: @lolaandlilacs.


My roommate suggested this one for the list, and I’m all about it! Hotspot gives you Happy Hour suggestions based on your location. It also has special deals within the app. I will definitely be using this one in the near future!

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is perfect the spontaneous part of you! Jeff and I use it every so often and have been super impressed. It pro-rates hotel rooms for you night of, from what I assume the hotel has not yet filled – win-win! You can also plan a bit in advance with hotel and still get great deals, so play around with it!


Chefsteps is a Seattle company who is quite famous for their Joule Sous Vide. Their app is amazing for recipes, not only with the Joule, but also for any type of cooking you need. Chefsteps has creative and precise recipes, and often integrate video which is always helpful!

My Fitness Pal

My boyfriends sister suggested this one to the list, and I am now forever grateful! It is an all encompassing app for food journaling, calorie counting, and step counts. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and am seriously obsessed. It makes me think so much more about what I’m putting in my body. Score!


I was suckered into this one through a TV commercial, but woohoo because it’s a life saver! Flipp shows you all sorts of coupons for the stores you shop at. I mainly monitor QFC and Target and get weekly ads for those stores. From there, you can make a grocery list based on coupons and shop accordingly. It has saved me lots of money since I started using!

Alright friends, do you use any of these phone apps? Are there others that you think I should know of that didn’t make this list? Let me know!

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