How to Host a Clothing Swap

Every year, we have the great opportunity for a fresh start. In 2017, I plan and buying less excess and being more resourceful. So many of us have unnecessary amounts of clothes and accessories (guilty) – so what better way to re-purpose what you no longer need/want than to give to your friends? This weekend, some friends and I had a clothing swap at our house that was a total success. So below, I’m going to give you some super simple tips on how to host a clothing swap. To a year of resourcefulness and re-purposing!

Invite Friends

Lots of them, if you want. There were five of us total at this clothing swap, but I could totally envision this being a big thing where you transform your house into a store-like setting. The whole idea of this is to get rid of your old clothes and get some sweet new pieces for the coming seasons. I came with two full bags of clothes and left with five solid pieces which I thought was an awesome swap! People can bring as many items of clothing as they want – as long as you bring a piece, you’re in for the swap.

Lay Down Some Ground Rules

My friend, Emily, had already done quite a few of these so she was the one who came with some rules. Because there was such a small group of us, we went around in a circle and each held up clothing items one at a time. People would say whether they would like to have it or not. If multiple people liked the item, someone would respectfully decline and the other would take. It was nice and polite. If your group is a little more rowdy, consider doing  rock, paper, scissors or draw names out of a hat for the item. If you have a lot of people at your swap, I would consider setting your house up with clothing racks – like a store. Give people tickets for the amount of clothes they brought, then have them exchange for items at “checkout.”

Donate What You Don’t Love

There’s bound to be some pieces that no one wants to take (hello awkward fashion fads that turn to faux pas). If you have any brand name pieces, I would suggest consigning those. We are consigning a box of things and with whatever money we get, the swap group is going to go out for drinks together! Whatever is left, gather up in a box and assign one person to take for donation. I personally love the neighborhood Facebook group – Buy Nothing. If you haven’t found one for your neighborhood, you definitely should! Most of our items from this swap are going to Buy Nothing, but of course you could bring them to a local thrift store as well.

Agree to Do it Again

We plan on having these every six months, both as a way to make sure we are cleaning out our closets AND to get some new items for the coming year. Agree to do this with your friends as well; it’s such a great way to save money!

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