Holiday Party Prep Guide: How to Host Well

Pick a date:

Whether it’s for Friendsgiving, a Holiday party or for New Year’s, make sure to find a date that will work best for all of your friends. Check with those who live out of town and see if you can catch them while they’re around! Saturday’s are my favorite because you have all day to prepare for the party, but sometimes can be the hardest for nailing down guests … maybe pick a Friday or Sunday and run with it!

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Invite friends:

I have never been one who loves the typical Facebook invite, because it doesn’t seem personal enough. However, I always find myself resorting to it because I can never get a good paper invitation out without breaking the bank. I absolutely LOVE getting mail that isn’t bills and I think many people do these days because it’s super rare. If you’re looking for a more personal and less expensive way to get the word out about your party, I would HIGHLY recommend heading over to Basic Invite to check out their affordable paper invite options. They have all sorts of options including office holiday party invitations, Christmas party invites, and holiday cards.  Basic Invite has an array of color options to choose from, custom samples, address capturing, and even happen to have a 30% off sale going on for the holiday season if you enter “HOLI30” at checkout.

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Set your menu:

My suggestion here is to not go potluck GASP!. If you’re hosting a party … commit! Make dishes that are your tried and trues and you’re not going to feel stressed about the day of. Maybe that means busting out the crockpot, or not thinking up the most fancy and elaborate meal. As a guest (and a host), I love the idea of having a fully cohesive meal that is prepared by the host. Have your guests bring dessert and drinks, and you will be totally set!

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Prepare your space:

Now for the fun part, depending on which holiday you decide to have your party around, prepare your home! For Friendsgiving, get a bunch of folding tables and connect them so that everyone is together. Grab some pumpkins and get candles burning; don’t forget to give thanks with your friends that night! If you’re going for a Christmas party, get your living room ready for a game or gift exchange. Make sure you have enough chairs for all of your guests to sit comfortably! And my favorite is New Years … clear a big area for dancing all. Night. Long. Maybe a disco ball? Is that crazy?!

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