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This is a space for the dreamer, doer and all of the spirited hearts in between. Here to give inspiration and space for women who seek empowerment in all shapes and sizes. If you find solace in fashion, food and travel then you’ll feel right at home here. You can expect a wide range of posts from me and lots of guests under the above categories. I’m enthralled by all things lifestyle and just so excited to get this platform to share. With help from a community of supportive women, I hope for delight in your reading experience. Expect to see guests who are empowered and called to empower others; who are nothing short of admirable and hilarious and doing indescribable things for their communities and the world at large. I’m excited to be continually learning on this web journey, gaining insight from some of the best in the biz! This past year in graduate school has really pushed me to delve into the deep depths, and find inspiration from those around me. I have grown passionate about equity, social empowerment, travel, fashion and the journey of food. There’s no doubt I have found my sweet little niche and I’m so ecstatic to share it with you!

So why did I start this? First of all, I totally wish my name was Lola, but having it as my second will suffice for now. My name is Sam and I love Lilacs. Thus, the birth of Lola & Lilacs. I grew up in a family of go getters; sports and grades drove my everyday. Consider it a great day if I have an iced latte and my sweet pup in the sun. I attended the University of Washington for my undergraduate degree where I became fiercely passionate about human rights, and later chose to major in just that. During this time, I found my deep seated love for travel. It’s like unlocking a sweet little box of magic fairy dust you forgot you had from your childhood. Meeting strangers, trusting the journey and experiencing new cultures is totally my fuel. From that, another little box was unlocked, containing an extreme love for photos – taking them, looking at them, you name it I probably love it. There’s something magical about getting behind the lens of a camera and capturing the small joys of life – like first love, or new life, or countries unlike your own. Now, fashion and food are still my sprouting loves, they’ve come in the past year or so with my entrance into graduate school. My great grandma Lola is my inspiration for the whole fashion thing – I find myself picking from her closet even today – you’ll probably see some of her clothes (coats especially) in my posts. Talk about hand me downs! I’m no fashionista, but when I can find a good deal I feel like the queen of freakin’ England. So here you’ll find more steals and deals than high end fashion tips. And last but not least, gathering to eat is one of the most important things to my friends and I. I love sustainable food and the feeling after having a good meal and glass of wine. Here, you’ll be able to find some wonderful places to eat and awesome recipes if you aren’t around the Seattle area!

I’m here to help you live like a rockstar! Sit, read and feel inspired. Want to stay connected? Sign up for my newsletter or contact me at hellololaandlilacs@gmail.com. I’m likely most active on Instagram … you can follow me below!


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