3 Ways to Find Peace in the Unknown

I’ve been going through a lot of transition in the past year, and I’m constantly trying to reduce my stress and anxiety levels in this. So today, I’ve created a post for you (and myself) about finding peace in these unknown transitional times.

Take time for yourself

Okay, yes … I’m an introvert so this one is like uhhhh duh you want time for yourself. But, I really think this is necessary for every kind of person. Unknown situations are often chaotic, and most times we get swept up in worry so we don’t truly have time to decompress. For me, it’s that I get in my head. I find myself in little rabbit holes of trying to make up what’s going to happen next. Maybe for you, it’s that you don’t even want to think about what’s next so you fill your time with shallow friendships or substance. BUT SISTER, I’m here to tell you that if you take time for yourself, peace will FLOW from your being. Whether you believe in God, or gods, or nothing at all, worrying about the future is not good for our health. For me, I see God as the one who helps me figure out what’s next. So when I take time for ‘myself,’ mostly that means I try to get out of my head and in sync with The Lord. My challenge for you if you are in transition and find yourself anxious or stressed is to take 10 minutes (yes, just ten cause we have to start somewhere) to yourself EVERYDAY. That means no phones, no kids, no friends, no TV, no nothing … just you. See what happens after a few weeks.

Seek Counsel

Friends, this is vital for sanity in the unknown. I said earlier that I get in my head about things a lot. That means that often times it’s HARD for me to seek counsel. I want to figure it all out on my own and not burden anyone else with my anxious thoughts. I think it takes a really humble person to seek counsel, and I find so much admiration in those that do (cause I’m prideful and this is so difficult for me). I’m also not the best at hearing the still, small voice of Jesus when I take time for myself. So, often I think he speaks to me through those around me. Your friends and your family will help you discern what next steps look like – Jesus is likely speaking through them, so don’t be afraid to reach out and say “I need your help.” If you’re someone who finds Jesus in quiet time, ask him for guidance! He’ll show you …

Exercise & Eat Healthy

I think transitions often mean we put our health and personal well-being to the back burner. In the last year, I have found Barre3 and it’s been one of the best things I have done for myself this year. Everyday, I go to the studio excited to workout. I leave feeling peaceful and grounded and excited to conquer the rest of my day. It’s the simple little things that will help you through unknown times, and sometimes it’s just as simple as thinking about the bad things you are putting into your body and consciousness, and choosing to CHANGE. I’d also encourage you to consider what you are consuming … maybe stop drinking soda, ditch the dairy for a bit, or go full blown Whole 30. Staying on top of your diet will help, I promise!

Now friends, go … and find peace!

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