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Seattle Fall Restaurant Experience

I’ve partnered with my friends at Limo Bus Seattle to get you all a list of new and noteworthy restaurants opening in Seattle this fall! I’m super excited to get this list out to you because this is something I’m ALWAYS searching for online. Whether I’m traveling or exploring my own city, I want to know what’s hot in the food scene, so I thought this partnership was the perfect opportunity! Get your crew rounded up for a night on the town, hop in one of Limo Bus Seattle’s awesome cars, and make sure to stop by one of these new restaurants along the way:

New & Noteworthy

Seattle is a city that’s known through out the country for having all of the flavors needed to be able to consider itself a diverse food scene. Everyone is bound to find something they enjoy! There’s a decent selection of restaurants and lounges opening in the fall that deserve your patronage, but it’s hard to know where to focus your attention with all of the worthwhile options. We’re here with some suggestions on establishments to try first, and ideas for making your night out the best it can possible be!


1054 North 39th Street

This Seattle famous pop-up by chef Mutsuko finally has a brick and mortar location in the old Art of the Table building, after being passionately backed by locals through crowdfunding. With homemade selections of Japanese cuisine like buckwheat soba, fresh udon noodles and tempura dishes with amazing flavor, you’re sure to leave here satisfied.

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4521 California Avenue

This 21 and over spot in West Seattle is opening in October and has a menu focusing on pizza! Whether you’re a traditionalist or you love trying unique flavor combinations, there is sure to be a pie here that’s perfect for you. This is a great spot for groups to head to because it features a game room complete with televisions. Not to mention, the brains behind this operation is Ma’ono head chef Mark Fuller, so you know you taste buds are going to love the menu. Plus, how can you go wrong with slushy cocktails?


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Westman’s Bagels and Coffee

1509 East Madison Street

This spot may offer a breakfast and lunch centered menu, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s heavily anticipated! Located in the old Manu’s Bodegita building in Capitol Hill, you can expect New York style bagel sandwiches, with creative ingredients and freshly brewed coffee. If you’re a West Seattle local, and seriously missing the old Zatz on California, I think this will satisfy all of your needs!

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Get a Ride!

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