10 Must Try Seattle Coffee Shops


The first coffee shop that made me realize that I am better than Starbucks, haha! I lived right by Herkimer all throughout coffee, and spent many a days studying at this sweet spot in Ravenna. I now go to the Herkimer in Phinney when I want a good coffee fix.


Preserve and Gather

Great neighborhood spot for all of you in Ballard/Greenwood/Crown Hill! They have great coffee and preserves – kid friendly and pretty sweet wall decor.


I love the Queen Anne location, but there is also one in Pike Place. Floor to ceiling windows, and free treats from the baristas every once in awhile – it’s a great place to plant yourself and get sh** done.


I love this funky shop in West Seattle! It’s in a house, with a bunch of mis-matched furniture and some pretty sweet lawn chairs for when it’s nice out. This place is just a block from my parents, so I love walking here! They use Lighthouse Roasters, which is seriously divine.


In West Seattle as well – just off the bridge and in the same building as Rudy’s! I love their minimalist shop, and they serve Herkimer so there’s no going wrong here.

General Porpoise

Custard filled donuts and coffee, what’s more to love? Renee Erickson has done it again with her clean locations! She’s an award winning Seattle chef, and her coffee shop is definitely award winning in my book.


Get food at Oddfellows, and sit down for work at Little Oddfellows next door. I like both locations, but Little Oddfellows is pretty sweet because it’s inside Elliott Bay Book Company.


I love Umbria because it’s super close to my house, and their interiors are gorgeous! This is a great place to get work done on the weekdays or grab coffee during the market on the weekends. Their drinks are also a bit cheaper than other Seattle shops.


I’m partial to Moonshot because my guy did the interiors. They serve up some great coffee, so if you’re in the South End, make sure to give them some love!

Burien Press

Burien Press is my absolute favorite! The owner, Matt, has created such an amazing community around Burien Press, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be apart of it. Their coffee is delicious, and it’s just across the street from the Thursday market in the summer time.


Up & Coming:

The Dane

The Dane is new to the Crown Hill neighborhood, but I can definitely see myself becoming a regular quickly. The space is big, open and has lots of natural light. They serve up coffee and beer – one of my favorite combos!


What’s your favorite coffee shop? I’d love to know so that I can try it out!

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  1. Love that geometric wall at Preserve & Gather! Will have to try it out. My neighborhood coffee shop is Voxx (Eastlake & Downtown–they have really good seasonal lattes, and some funky retro 60’s decor (at least in Eastlake).

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